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Monday, April 20, 2015

18 Month Well Check Up, at 19 Months Old

Walker and William finally got in to see the doctor for their 18 month well check, and everything went well. It was even better because the Boys didn't have to get shots! I like those kind of well check ups. The boys are doing well. They are growing and are healthy. They were both getting over a double ear infection so their doctor checked both of their ears and they both looked good. Both of them still aren't talking much besides just jibber jabbering, but they do that all the time. I imagine when they do begin talking they will talk our ears off and have plenty to say. 

Walker's Stats:

Weight: 31 lbs - 98th Percentile
Height: 33 in - 54th Percentile

Walker is still my big and healthy growing boy. However, he is becoming a little bit of a picky eater. Before, the kid would eat ANYTHING and everything. Now, I think he has discovered that he doesn't have to eat it if he doesn't particularly like it. And one of the things Walker does not want to eat right now is meat. I was getting a little concerned about his protein intake, but the doctor informed me the he is getting plenty of protein from the other foods that he enjoys. She said to still continue to offer it to him, but don't force it on him. Something I can't complain that Walker LOVES to eat, are vegetables. It is like he is a vegetarian right now. One night, I didn't make a vegetable as a side for dinner and he got so mad. I think he was boycotting, because he did not eat one bite of his food. I even made lasagna that night and he did not touch it! He is one stubborn boy. But from now on, I will make sure I serve vegetables with his dinner (until he doesn't like them anymore - because I'm sure that phase will come too). 

Favorite Foods:
Vegetables - Green beans, Broccoli, Peas and Avocado
Pizza (favorite part is the crust)

"Ma-Ma" - which I hope is him saying my name :)
Lots of jibber jabbering - "PAPAPA" "TATATA" is what he usually says.

Playing with cars
Watching the Cars movie
Running and Swinging

Walker is starting to be more of a cuddle bug as well. He use to not be affectionate at all and you were lucky if you got a hug out of him. But lately, he is starting to run up to us and give us a hug. If we are sitting on the floor with them, he wants to sit in our laps and sometimes, he may even give you a kiss. I feel really loved when he does that! 

Aggressively giving Mommy kisses 

Lately, Walker has become attached to this 
green blanket

Cuddles with my sweet guy while he was sick

William's Stats:

Weight: 26 lbs - 45th Percentile
Height: 32.5 in - 43rd Percentile

William hit a really big growth spurt! He may even catch up to his brother. He gained a little over 2 lbs and grew an inch and a half. He is becoming a bit of a better eater, and beginning to eat more foods (or at least trying them too). 

Favorite Foods:
Chicken Nuggets
Peas & Corn
Pizza - favorite part is also the crust

And lots of jibber jabber. He says the words "tickle" when he is talking - "tickle tickle tickle tickle"
William constantly says the word "hi", even when he is suppose to say "bye". He will be running around the house, and when he comes into the room one of us is at, he stops, waves and says "hi".

Watching Movies

William is still my sweet little cuddle bug. He just always likes to know that one of us is there and that he can give you a kiss or a hug. He makes some of the funniest noises too that always makes us laugh. He makes a growling sound that is so funny. He is constantly smiling and making us smile. 

He is always making us laugh with his silly faces

William has become attached to his 
little pillow lately too.

I'm beginning to see that Walker and William really have a "brotherly love" relationship. I use to worry about it due to the fact that they are so opposite (they are like night and day), but recently I can really see how much they care for one another. At school, their teacher tells me about how they will stick up for one another when another friend in their class is stealing a toy or not being nice - I think it's more of Walker sticking up for William too. And lately, Walker is always aware of what William wants or needs. For instance, if Walker is thirsty and wants his cup, he will go get it and take a drink. Then he will grab William's cup to give it to him to see if he needs it as well. Walker does that with a lot of others stuff too. I hope they will stay close their whole life and want to make sure that the other always has what they need. 

We get lots of cuddles when the boys aren't feeling well.

Last time we were at Nonie & Pawpaw's house,
the boys thought it was fun to get in the puppy's cage. 

In five months my Boys will be 2!!! 

Daddy and I love you both so much!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Family that Tattoos Together, Stays Together.

Matt and I finally did it ... We both got tattoos! We both have been saying for YEARS that we wanted to get a tattoo. Our original plan was that when we would finally decide to get tattoos that we would go together. However, that didn't happen, and that's okay. 

Matt's Tattoo ...

This whole itch for a tattoo recently, was thanks to Denny. While we were at Alisha and Denny's house the weekend of Stephen's 6th Birthday, one night (after a few drinks), Denny decides that he is wanting to go out and finish one of his tattoos. He told me "Casey, if you come with me, I'll pay for your tattoo." I'm not good with spur of the moment type things and at the moment I couldn't just make a decision and decide what I wanted on my body for the rest of my life. But Matt had an idea of what he wanted, so he said "I'll go!" He got Casey, Walker and William on his wrist, like a bracelet (unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of his tattoo) but it looks really good, and I love it! 

As soon as Matt and Denny left, Alisha and I started talking about getting tattoos and what we would want. We started talking and thought it would be fun if we went together, along with our Mom and other Sister, Racheal. We pitched the idea to them and they were all for it. We decided we would make a girls day out of it while we were all together during Easter weekend. Since we were going together, we decided to all get something kind of similar. 

My Mom and Racheal each got one tattoo. My Mom got her tattoo on her foot. It's an infinity sign with three doves and an anchor (the anchor represents my Dad). I love her tattoo, and I think it came out great!

Racheal got her tattoo on her hip of three Doves

Alisha and I each got two tattoos. Alisha got five doves on her rib cage (she got five to represent the number of family members in her family. She also got a cross on her wrist with Colossians 3:23

I got the three doves on my foot and a cross on my wrist as well. I've wanted the cross for a while, so I figured if it was going to be my first tattoo, I might as well get both. 

Our experience at Electric 13 Tattoo in Austin was such a good one. The staff was so nice and the owner even took time to come and thank us for coming in before leaving for the day. Our tattoo artist, Gabe was hilarious and kept us laughing the whole time. He was really in to his job and you could really see that he loved what he was doing. He was living his dream. 

Can't wait to do it again! 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


This was Walker and William's second Easter and it was so much fun! They are growing up and becoming big boys. I didn't even think that they would really hunt for Easter Eggs and to my surprise, THEY DID!!! It was seriously, the cutest thing to me and I was such a proud Mommy. The boys had three Egg hunts to attend to (School, Nonie and Pawpaw's and at Mimi and Gee's) so by the end of it, they were pretty much pros. 

Egg hunt #1 - School

Their first egg hunt was at the daycare and honestly, I didn't think they would do much "hunting" at all. The Easter Egg hunt was on the playground, so I figured they would go outside and start playing with all the toys instead. But they didn't. It was like they knew what to do all along. Since I work at the daycare the boys attend, I was able to spy on them without them getting upset and seeing me. I asked one of the girls that works for us, if she wouldn't mind getting a few videos and pictures for me. 

Here's a video of them waiting to go hunt.

William was getting a little upset 
when it was time to put the eggs away. 

Egg Hunt #2 - Nonie and Pawpaw's

On Good Friday, we loaded up and headed to Nonie and Pawpaw's house. We had a lot of fun. The boys got to see the goats (William discovered that he liked to yell at them - see video below) and play with their Cousins all weekend long. On Saturday, I had a Girls day with my Mom and Sisters, so the men were in charge and that night we all had dinner together (something we have not done in a long time) and the Easter Bunny came that night as well. The Boys made out like bandits and I'm pretty sure they got just as many eggs as their older cousins did. The only thing about Walker is, in the beginning he likes to pick up two eggs at the same time and then shake them for a little while. You have to show him that he's got to put them in his basket and find more. He eventually gets the hang of it. But each time, that would happen. 

Avengers HAVE to hunt with their helmets

Taytum and Emi
checking out their eggs

Two of Pawpaw's Boys

I know I say it all the time, but I really do love weekends back home. Especially when my Sisters and Nieces and Nephews are there too. It's fun having the family together. There is so much for the kids to do, and as the boys get older, they'll be able to do more and more at Nonie and Pawpaw's house. 

This video is so cute! 
William yelling at the goats. 
It cracks me up!
(not sure why it's so small)

Egg Hunt #3 - Mimi and Gee's House

Every year, we wake up early and go have breakfast with my Dad's side of the family. A tradition that is possibly older than I am and I love that it has been continued through all these years. After breakfast, everybody heads to Mimi and Gee's house. The kids play for a little while and wait for the Easter Bunny to arrive. I think the boys were pretty exhausted from their long weekend at Nonie and Pawpaw's and waking up early that morning, because they were both getting pretty tired while waiting and William even fell asleep on Matt right before it was time to hunt eggs (however, when we got home later that day he was also running a fever). They both did great again hunting eggs. By next year, I'm sure they'll be running and grabbing every egg they see. 

Mimi and Gee have always had the 
best toys to play with at their house. 

 William and Walker at their first Easter

We hope you all had a blessed Easter.
 Love, The Barone Family