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Tuesday, June 23, 2015


On June 3rd, Matt turned the big 3-0! We didn't do much on his Birthday. I was able to get off work early that day so we went to lunch, the four of us, and then went back home to let the Boys nap and when they woke up, we blew up the swimming pool and spent the rest of the day outside. It was a nice afternoon. But little did Matt know, that I was throwing him a surprise party! ...

I had the help of my Mom, his Mom, my sister, Alisha and the help of his two sisters, Patti and Kristin to help me throw it for him. We all constantly emailed back and forth to figure out what would be the best to serve, and they helped with purchasing and bringing a lot of the items for the day of, so that I wouldn't give anything away to him before hand. We went with the theme "Thirsty and Thirty", it felt like a pretty good theme for my Husband. It was fun to plan the party for him, but oh my goodness was I constantly worried that he was going to find out before hand. I hated that feeling of keeping something from him and every time my phone went off, I was worried it was going to be somebody texting me to say something about his party. But, the surprise was not spoiled!

I had contacted one of Matt's friends that he plays golf with occasionally, and asked him if he wouldn't mind getting Matt out of the house the day of to go play golf so that we could set up for the party. Matt took the bait and the second he walked out of the house I started preparing for the party, and my Parents came in early to help too.

Once everyone had arrived, Matt was to arrive shortly after. He called me when he was on his way home and when he asked me what I was doing I just told him "nothing" and that the boys were being good just playing in their room. I didn't do the whole "turn off the lights and everybody hide" surprise, so when he drove up, he noticed everybody's cars and just figured something was up. But when he did walk through the door we all yelled "SURPRISE!!!". 

I was so happy I was able to pull this off for him, and we had a really fun night! I was so thankful for everybody who came and helped me pull it off.

Unfortunately, I did not take very many pictures. I guess we were all too busy enjoying ourselves. The only pictures I did get were of Matt walking through the door and of him checking out the "Flashback Board" Patti made for him.
The board did not last long though. Walker and William both enjoyed erasing it.
Happy Birthday, Sweetie! We love you!