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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Nana and Papa's 25th Wedding Anniversary

At the end of February, we celebrated Matt's Parent's 25th wedding anniversary. We had a small get together with his family and it was so much fun and even had family pictures taken! 

Nana and Papa have a little bit of land near College Station and we can not wait for them to begin building a house and then to move closer to us. The lot is where we celebrated their Anniversary at. Aunt Patti did all the decorations, and pretty much got everything planned and together for it (she's awesome and we are so grateful for all she did). Patti did a great job incorporating items that were in Nana and Papa's wedding 25 years ago. The cake was the same as their wedding day, there were roses on the table, as well as the BBQ that we ate for lunch. It was really wonderful. 

When we first arrived, we had family pictures taken. Jenn Straznicky (check out her website here - ) did a great job and they came out so good! 

Here's a few of the pictures ...

Be still my heart, 
these pictures of the boys are so sweet!

William loves his Nana, 
but this was toward the end
and I think he was done taking pictures. 

Uncle Shawn made this beautiful picnic table.

After the Celebration, we were able to talk Kristen and Jason into staying an extra night and coming over to the house for dinner. It was so nice to hang out with everybody for the night and catch up. With them living so far away, we really never all hang out together.
It was a great weekend!

Happy Anniversary Nana and Papa! 
We love you!