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The Barone Blog

Monday, February 16, 2015

Double Date Night

Friday night, Matt and I were able to go on a double date with my long time best friend Kelcie and her Husband Kenny. They live in Houston and Matt and I have been wanting to try out Top Golf for the longest time. Since Nana and Papa (Matt's parents) live in Katy, they watched the boys for us that night while we went out. It was so much fun! However, I am TERRIBLE at hitting a golf ball, but it was still a ton of fun. I'm not too bad at playing a little putt-putt golf, but this was a little different. I hadn't seen Kelcie in a while, so towards the end we just sat, talked and drank while the boys played. What girls don't enjoy that? 

Kelcie and I have Birthdays that are just 2 days apart from each other. It's pretty awesome to have your birthday so close to your best friend's birthday. We have celebrated many birthdays together. The first, was our 13th birthday party. We had a boy/girl dance party. It was tons of fun! After that, we have celebrated many important birthdays together. 18th, 21st, and so on and so on. So this was kind of our way of being able to celebrate our birthdays together. 

Kelcie, I am so thankful for our long lasting friendship. I couldn't imagine my life without it or you. Happy Birthday!