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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Splashing in the Water

I just wanted to share a few of our pictures from this past weekend.
With all the rain Texas was getting these past weeks, we decided to go have a little fun and enjoy all the puddles (while there was a break from the rain for a bit).
The boys had a blast and loved every minute of it. William kept running to every puddle saying "Water! Water! Water!"

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Memorial Weekend in Rockport

If you have read my Blogs before, you know my Parents' have a place in Rockport and we absolutely have the BEST time when we go there.
We didn't have much going on during Memorial Weekend so Matt and I decided that it would be fun to get away for a few days and head to RP. When I asked Nonie & Pawpaw if they would be around that weekend, they said "SHOOTS YEAH! Let's go!" (if you know my Parents, you can totally hear them saying that! HAHA!). When I told my Sister, Alisha that we were going to RP during Memorial Weekend, I guess they thought it sounded like such a good time, that they decided at last minute to join too!
We headed up Saturday, so most of the day was spent driving and when we arrived, we just hung out, ate dinner and had some good family time.
On Sunday, we woke up, ate breakfast and headed to the beach. I was super excited to take Walker and William to the beach. This would kind of be their first experience at the beach - you can read a little bit about their first experience at the beach here. And I was just hoping they would enjoy the beach. Well ... They LOVED it!!!! Once we headed down, we could not get them out of the water. Especially Walker. William spent a lot of time in the water too, but then realized that digging and playing in the sand was also a good time. Walker though, he stayed in the water the entire time. We couldn't even get him to sit down for a few minutes to eat a snack. He just kept walking around in circles in the water, so Matt or I had to follow him around the entire time to catch him when he would fall under the water. The kid had a BLAST! He was sad to leave.

 William had a BLAST feeding the birds too.
I hate it when people feed the birds. But it was pretty cute watching him do it.
After the beach, we went back to clean up and headed to the BUTTERCHURN!!! YUM! Not going to lie ... This was one of my priorities on my list and one of the things I was looking forward to the most. It's just such good eatin'!

After the Butterchurn, we went back and relaxed for the rest of the evening and Denny made some delicious burgers and we watched a movie outside on the projector that Matt brought.
It was such a wonderful weekend filled with lots of playing outside, side walk chalk, bubbles, golf cart rides, etc ...
I can't wait to go back!

Sleeping on the way home.
Thank you to all of the Men and Women who have sacrificed so much for our Country.
-The Barones