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Friday, September 26, 2014

1 Year Check Up ... Success???

Today, we went back for the Boys' 12 month well check up. And this time we were able to see the Doctor. So I guess you could call it successful? Aside from the fact that my little guys had to get four shots plus a flu shot. They are troopers though, but their cries when they get the shots, sure does break my heart. And yes, Matt did go with me again. I think they're getting too big now anyways for me to take them by myself. Especially when they're getting shots. A Lady I work with has twins and she makes separate Doctors appointments for her boys, so that she doesn't have to take them at the same time. I may consider that in the future. We'll see though.

Let's get to the stats ...


Weight: 27lbs 4oz - 98 percentile
Height: 2 feet 7 inches - 81 percentile


Weight: 21lbs 7oz - 47 percentile
Height: 2 feet 5 inches - 11 percentile

Obviously, Walker is a bit "heavier" than William is and I was not expecting him to weigh that much. I was thinking he was going to be 25lbs. But hey! The kid loves to eat, and will put down whatever you put in front of him. Even while we were sitting in the waiting room we got asked twice the "famous" question, "are they twins?" and of course when we say "yes", one of the ladies that asked then asked, "are they identical ... One is bigger than the other?" This happens more often then not ...  The Doctor asked questions about their developments and seemed to be pleased with how they are growing. I told her how the Boys like to give us a toy like a car for us to push, and when we push it they will crawl to get it and will bring it back to us for us to push again, and she seemed to be pretty impressed with that (proud Mommy moment :)) She made the comment "They are 1 year old now! They are no longer infants! They are toddlers" That is truly bitter sweet. I sometimes miss my sweet little babies who were so tiny, but then I think about how fun they are and how fun it is getting to really watch them play and learn now. I think this is something I will always struggle with, no matter what stage they are going through and something I am sure EVERY Mommy/Parent goes through. And after their appointment the boys got to spend the rest of the day with their Daddy, instead of having to go to school. Lucky Boys!

My Boys pushing their cars

Sweet Walker
 Look at that dimple!
Snuggling with Mommy


 Too tired to finish lunch

 Playing at School

The Boy loves to eat, his favorite is avocado
(just like his Momma)
Silly William

So handsome
 Laughing with Daddy

He loves to yell at you
(in a silly way) ...
I don't think Walker likes it all that much though.

 Watching the Texas Aggies play Football.



Wednesday, September 10, 2014

1 year check up! ... FAIL!

On Tuesday Morning the boys had their 12 month check up. Besides having to get shots, I was pretty excited to see how they were growing. So we left that morning, I gave them Tylenol before leaving to help with the shots and Matt met us at the Doctor's Office. And thank God he did meet us there, and I will say that A LOT during this Blog post ... We walk in and as I'm checking the Boys in, the receptionist tells me that apparently we have switched our insurance and that she needs to see our new insurance card. I didn't realize that we switched health insurance because we have it through Matt's work. After she said that, I then remembered getting some health insurance cards in the mail recently and I meant to ask Matt about it, but never got around to it. So I then had to take one of the boys with me as I drove back home to get the new insurance cards. Thank God Matt was there so that he could stay at the Doctor's Office with Walker, instead of me having to load them both back in the car, just to take them right back out again ... I walk back in and get the Boys checked in. We sit down and I feel like we are waiting longer than usual until the receptionist calls my name. I go back to see her again and she proceeds to tell me that it looks like the Boys have been terminated from our insurance. WHAT???  Ugh! I was so aggravated because 1) their names were on the new insurance cards, so I didn't know what was going on. She told me that if I wanted to still see their Doctor today I was going to have to pay out of pocket. Not happening! I was so aggrevated at that point. I felt like the whole morning was a waste but again, thank God Matt was there! If I had to go through all of that; getting to the Doctor, running back home, driving back to the Doctor's Office and then to be told that my kids aren't covered on our insurance by myself, I think I would have had a break down right in front of everybody at the Doctor's office. I've had to take the boys a few times by myself to the Doctor and it is not a good time, so I can't imagine what I would have felt during that experience by myself. After that, Matt called the insurance company and got it all taken care of and I rescheduled the Boys' appointment. So until next time ... And I'm hoping Matt will meet us there again. Just in case. 

A few recent pictures ... 


Wednesday, September 3, 2014



I can not believe it, my Boys are a year old! Where has this year gone??? All day today I kept thinking about what an adventure we were about to embark on a year ago today. All day I thought about the joy that the boys brought to me instantly the second I saw them. It was with out a doubt, love at first site. Well, honestly love at first sound, I didn't get to see them right away since I had a C-Section but it was pure joy the second I heard their cry. A sound I will never forget. I was scared but so extremely happy. I didn't know what was about to come my way but I knew it was going to be amazing, but hard at times. These two Boys bring me more happiness then I could have every imagined. They complete Matt and I more then they will ever know. We are a family of four, because of them. I love them so much. Happy Birthday Walker and William!


This weekend we had Walker & William's Birthday Party and I'd like to think that it was a success! Everything came out as I imagined. If you don't happen to know by now, but Pinterest is AMAZING when you need ideas for ANYTHING!!! I got a few ideas for Party decorations and they all came out great!

Of course the boys are still a little too young to get into the whole opening presents thing, but they do enjoy playing with tissue paper! They were troopers though sitting in Mommy and Daddy's laps as we opened the presents for them and they got a lot of great things including new Texans Jerseys and Aggie Polos to wear on game days. WHOOP!!!

They got the CUTEST little Harley Bikes from Gram and Papa Barone

 Walker is ready to ride ...
I think William had enough at this point ... (But the only melt down we had at the party)
Then it was cake time! MY FAVORITE! Now this was the Boys first time to actually have sweets. And by my surprise they didn't really dive into it quite like I was expecting them to! Walker loved the cake part and poked at the icing and then tried a bite of the icing and spit it right out. I'm guessing it was just a little too sweet for his liking (which is okay by me, but I'm sure that will change.) As for William ... Well, if you know William then you know he is an EXTREMELY picky eater. I have worked with kids for quite some time now and I have never met such a young picky eater. He does not like to touch most foods so you have to feed most of it to him and then if we're lucky, he'll actually eat it. He will pick up breads so I knew he would feed the cupcake to himself, I just didn't know how he would feel about touching the icing. When I put the cupcake on his tray, of course he would not touch it. I forced him to touch the icing with his finger and he cried a bit about it. Then I broke off a piece from the bottom of the cupcake and he fought me on the first bite, but once I was able to shove that piece in his mouth he got mad for a second and almost spit it out until he realized that what he had in has mouth, tasted pretty good and quickly changed his mind. It was really funny! But like his brother, he didn't care for the icing either.

 Emi, Taytum and Stephen have the cupcake eating down!
One of my favorite gifts the Boys got, and I think their favorite gift as well, was from their Cousins Stephen, Taytum and Emi. Walker and William love to watch this show off of PBS called Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. It is a little spinoff cartoon from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. Well, while my Sister, Alisha was taking her kids shopping for a present to get the Boys, they were looking through the books trying to figure out what to get. Then Taytum spotted a book that she knew would be PERFECT for the Boys. It was a Daniel Tiger Book! And they love that book! I just think it was the sweetest little thing, that Taytum found a book that she just knew Walker and William would love, and she was right! They do love it!

These two Boys are my two most biggest blessings and I am so proud to be their Mommy. Happy Birthday Walker and William! Mommy loves you so much!!!
... Now time, slow down!!!