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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Another Talking Update

There is not much going on with us, but I figured it would be a good chance to give an update on the Boys' speech.
Both Walker & William are improving on their speech in their own ways.
William is pretty much repeating anything that we say. Right now we are working on him putting those words together in 2-3 word sentences.
Walker is still using sign language to communicate his wants and needs, but he has recently began to say the beginning of those words (i.e. when he signs "more", he will say "moooe" along with it). We feel that this is major progress.
Also something new both boys have begun to do, is they love watching Leap Frog. There is a specific Leap Frog show that they prefer that has to do with counting, and honestly this has helped both William and Walker in beginning to count. Both Boys will count from 1-10 (both of them leave out the number 7 for some reason). They have found a new love for counting and will sit and count all kinds of stuff. I love watching them do this.
Walker and William both love to sing! And while their favorite songs are playing, they will try and sing the words to the songs that they enjoy. It's super cute! I have got to get it on video!
Some exciting and yet bitter sweet news is, Walker and William have both been excepted to participate in the PPCD program. This will allow them to go to public school for half of the day, where they will receive services to help them succeed in their speech development. They will start this when they turn 3 years old. I am really anxious to see how much they will progress in this next year, but oh so sad to take them to an actual school everyday. I am with my Guys every single day. They come to work/school with me and it has been that way since they were 12 weeks old. I am a Momma who is having a hard time letting go, but at the same time I know it is going to be so wonderful for them. We even went to Meet the Teacher last week, and they loved their new classroom ... Wish me luck on the first day that I drop them off. I'm going to be a crying mess.

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Our Boys will be 3 in a little over a week!!!