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Friday, January 15, 2016

My "Talkative" but Not so Talking Boys

Our guys are almost 2.5 years old! WOW! They both have grown so much, and often Matt and I will stare at them and say  "you guys are getting so big", "You aren't baby boys anymore", or "you both just look so big". It's exciting, and of course sad. As they get older, it gets more and more fun watching them together and interact with each other and see the bond between the both of them is so great (the good and the bad).
Unfortunately, we aren't quite saying any words yet. William says a few more than Walker, but this is something Matt and I are working on fixing. Both boys started speech therapy after the first of the year, and I know that is something that will help a ton. We are also in the process of getting their ears and hearing checked.
While we were on Christmas break, we took them both to see the ENT, and they both had fluid in their ears which caused them to fail their hearing tests. We are going back in a few weeks for a follow up appointment to see if there is still fluid in their ears and to get another hearing test - We also discovered Walker had an ear infection, so they will check to see if that cleared up as well.
If they by chance have to get tubes in their ears, I truly feel like that is something that will help them with their talking. I worry that they can not hear us clearly which results to them not being able to speak correctly. When you have fluid in your ears like that, I was told it's like you are hearing somebody talk while you are under water.  
Now, the boys "talk" but majority of it is jibber jabber. It sounds super cute, but it's time for them to say actually words.
William says:
(he picked that word up after Christmas)
Oh Wow!
Walker says:
Oh Wow!
I'm ready for my guys to say "Mommy", "Daddy" & "I love you" ... When that happens, I know I am going to cry.

Video to share ...
The other night we were playing YouTube videos for them,
Matt randomly picked the video of the 2 twins standing in the
kitchen "talking", and the boys thought it was so funny.
I guess they "understood" what they were saying.
Twins Watching Twins


Monday, January 11, 2016


I know for a fact that Walker and William's favorite thing about Christmas, were all the lights! After realizing this, we spent most nights after dinner (usually just for a quick minute or two) looking at the lights outside. Every time we would walk outside and see the lights William would say "OH WOW!" and then followed by the word "light" 100 times.
We would walk down the street to see the neighborhood lights and that was some of the best and easiest entertainment for the boys.
A couple of times when we were desperate and Walker and William were have a "cranky" evening, we would plug a strand of lights in for them to be content with. It was awesome!
Penny, enjoying the lights too.

And twice we went to the park to see Christmas lights.
The best part of all this was of course seeing their reaction and enjoyment of it all, but not to mention, it was free! That's the best kind of entertainment for kids and parents.

The Christmas season was so much fun this year.
And I know it's just going to continue to get better!
These guys are so great!

Merry Christmas!

We had a great Christmas! It was the first time that Walker and William have been interested in actually opening presents, and it was so fun to watch! I think they enjoyed that every time they unwrapped a present, they were getting something new to play with.
This year (like most years), we had five Christmases to celebrate. Sometimes it gets over whelming, but we love the family time.
Christmas #1: Started off with Nonie and Pawpaw.
We all headed to my Mom and Dad's house on Christmas Eve "Eve". 
We arrived a little early to my parents' house, and the boys got to have some Nonie and Pawpaw time all to themselves. We went for a ride in the Mule, fed the goats and grabbed the eggs from the chicken pin. Walker and William were loving it!


That night, we all just enjoyed each other and had a good time. We played Ellen Degeneres' game, Heads Up and had a blast. It is a lot of fun, and it really will just make you laugh as you act out and guess with everybody.
The next morning we celebrated our Christmas. The Boys got some great gifts from Nonie & Pawpaw ... Train tracks, blocks, big boy booster seats (no more high chairs), a new book shelf, bath toys, PJs, they each got a tent, and more. Although, I think their favorite gift they got out of ALL their gifts, would have to be their first set of tools that they got from Pawpaw. Their favorite thing to do is hammer (not surprised). 

After presents, we had a delicious breakfast. My favorite!
All the Cousins at the "kids' table" eating
The rest of the morning, we just all hung out until it was time to go visit Mimi and Gee that afternoon.
Christmas #2: Christmas Eve with Mimi and Gee
This year's Christmas Eve with Mimi and Gee was a little different then in the years' past, but we are all so fortunate to still be able to spend it with them. Christmas Eve has always been one of my favorites. It is one of my most cherished memories that I have, spending it at my Mimi and Gee's house with all my cousins and family. We have some of the greatest traditions that are so wonderful to look forward to. The cousin gift exchange, the white elephant gift exchange, getting to watch Mimi and Gee open their presents, all the delicious and different foods everybody brings, changing into your Christmas PJs so that you are already ready for bed (and Santa) by the time you got home that night, and my favorite ... Gee's famous eggnog. YUM! It is truly the greatest!
Christmas #3: Christmas morning at home
We woke up Christmas morning and Walker and William opened gifts from Santa and Mommy and Daddy. Not to mention, William and Walker gave Mom and Dad a Christmas gift as well of sleeping in until 8:00 that morning. It was great!
Santa brought each of the Boys a Ukulele, and a new book.
They also got a new towel, shoes, more books, the Minion movie (that we watched everyday during the break) cars and some magnet toys for the refrigerator.

Walker and William got some really cool light up soccer balls from Gram and Papa Prato from Washington. They love them!

The remainder of the day was spent sitting around watching movies, playing with the boys' new toys and pretty much relaxing. It was a wonderful Christmas.

Christmas #4: The Gregoire Christmas
The next day, we packed up and headed to Houston to spend it with Papa's side of the family. This particular part of the family is so big and you always know it's going to be a good time! We had so much fun getting to see everybody and the boys had a blast watching the older cousins play - they even jumped in during a basketball game and scored a few points themselves (with the help of Dad). We ate some delicious food (Aunt Pat's lasagna is the best!), watched the kids have their gift exchange and the adults had their Chinese Gift exchange. We played it a little differently this year, to where you had to answer a Christmas trivia question in order to receive your gift. It was pretty fun!
I was a little worried about the Boys because they had yet to have a nap when we arrived (they didn't sleep in the car), so I just knew there was going to be some sort of melt down, but they did great! And when it was time for us to leave, we hadn't even left the neighborhood before they were knocked out asleep in the car.
Hangin' with Papa

Christmas #5: Christmas at Nana & Papa's
After we left the Gregoire Christmas, it was just a short ride to Katy to spend it with Nana & Papa. This is always a great one to end on. It's not too crazy, and always relaxing and more "quiet" then all the other Christmases.
We quickly opened presents. William & Walker got the movie Home, FOUR new awesome books that make noise and have a steering wheel, shirts and Ninja Turtle towels.
These guys could not be more blessed.
After it got dark, we walked around the neighborhood and checked out everybody's Christmas lights. The best decorated house was right across the street from Nana & Papa's house. It is one of those houses you see on TV where you turn to a certain radio station and the lights are in sink with the music. It was awesome!
Christmas lights became the boys' favorite thing about Christmas (I'll blog about that next) and so they could not get enough of that. William was looking out the window at the house saying "OH WOW!" that whole time. It was too cute!

While we were walking, Logan patted William on the head and said,
"I like these guys"
Sweet boy. 

Walking around and checking out all the lights was my favorite thing that we did.
... It's the little things sometimes.
The next day, we headed back home and spent the rest of the Christmas Break at home. It was so great to be able to spend our Christmas with our families. We are extremely blessed.
We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!
 "Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying,
“Glory to God in the highest heaven,
    and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.”"
Luke 2:13-14
Merry Christmas!

 Love, the Barones