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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Happy 3rd Birthday Walker & William!

So my guys turned 3 on the third.
This particular Birthday had me a bit emotional. My boys have had many transition changes in the past few days since they turned 3 years old.

They had a really fun train birthday party, transitioned to big boys beds (no more toddler beds), and started their half day program with the School District to assist them in their speech. Lots of changes have happened and it has made me one emotional Momma. They are growing up and getting bigger everyday!
Happy Birthday Walker & William!
On Saturday, was the Boys actual Birthday and we got to celebrate on their Birthday day as well! We had a train theme this year, and I did my best to go all out! I was able to take off on Friday (I have an Assistant now, YAY!) and did most of the decorating that day. My Mom and Dad came in Friday during the day to help out as well and they even went with me to pick the Boys up from Daycare that afternoon - Walker and William were excited to see their Nonie and Pawpaw at the door.
Saturday was a day full of celebrations and we all had a blast. Walker and William played the entire day with their Cousins before, during and after the party. They got a lot of great gifts - as I mentioned, they transitioned to beds and with the help of Nana and Papa as well as Nonie and Pawpaw - Not to mention Mom and Dad, the boys have brand new beds! However, I think their favorite gift may be the truck set their cousin Clay picked out for them, it has become their favorite toy to play with right now. My middle sister, Alisha made them 12th man overalls. they are too cute and so awesome! I can't wait for this Saturday's game for the Boys to wear them.



We should also mention that the Ags BTHO UCLA on their Birthday!

Happy 3rd Birthday Walker & William!!!
Mommy & Daddy love you so much!!!

Big Boy Beds:
Since turning 3 Walker and William received new beds. I was grateful that Matt took the time to put both beds together once all of our company left Sunday morning. It took him a few hours and after he was done and I made the beds, the Boys were so excited to get in their new beds! Fortunately it was already nap time so they laid down, and since I can fit on their beds now too, I snuggled up and took a nap with them as well. It was great! When they get in their new beds, they look so tiny in them - nothing compared to those tiny toddler beds.

First Day of School:
Now without a doubt, I know that the Boys starting school for half a day is why I was so emotional about them turning 3 years old. I am a Director of a daycare and since they were about 4 months old, Walker and William have come to work/school with me everyday.
I don't tend to be an emotional person, but when we dropped the boys off today for their first day, I sure did cry. I then needed to go back home to finish getting ready for work and when I left the house to head to work, I started crying again. I was missing my car riding buddies. It is definitely going to be an adjust, but they both had a great first day! I really am looking forward to seeing what all they will succeed in this year and to witness them blossom in their vocabulary.

I couldn't wait to pick them up!


Happy 65th Wedding Anniversary Grandma & Grandpa

This past Sunday, my Grandparents celebrated 65 years of Marriage. How amazing is that!
So the weekend before we headed to the Lockhart area to celebrate my Grandparents Wedding Anniversary. They put on a great party and it was good to see all the Aunts, Uncles and Cousins along with distant relatives, and old family friends. It was almost like a family reunion. It is really amazing to me when you sit back and think "all of this happened because two people fell in love"
Walker and William had a great time hanging out with all their cousins, running, playing and dancing. Cousins are wonderful entertainment.
This kid can't help but dance

Not quite sure how this guy is in High School!


Walker was worn out by the time we got home
Sunday evening. 
Happy 65th Wedding Anniversary Grandma & Grandpa!
We love you so much!!!