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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Talking Update

My Guys are still getting speech every other week and at the end of this month they will be getting evaluated through the School District here to hopefully receive services when they turn 3 years old.
With William's speech, he is thriving and saying new words every day. It has been so exciting to hear! We are really focusing on him putting his words into 2-3 word sentences. And this past weekend while I was away, Matt sent me a video of William saying "I LOVE MOMMA!". It was the sweetest thing, and I may have shed a small tear.
We are still struggling with Walker and his speech. He is still not saying much more other than, "Wow!", "Bye!", & "No!". At this point we are trying to encourage sign language a lot more. Walker cracks me up, because I can show him some thing in sign language one time and he will repeat it instantly. The kid is smart, I know that. He just struggles in communicating it verbally. In time, I know it will come.
Once we can get approved and begin receiving services through the school district (hopefully by September) more often then they do at the moment, I pray and hope that they will begin to really thrive and progress in the direction that they need.
Here are some recent pictures of my Guys


We're just learning to sit on the potty.
We have yet to have anything go in the toilet.

 First time on a trampoline
 Discovering Dandelions.
William kept calling them "bubbles!"

Starting them young &
raising 'em right!