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Monday, November 3, 2014


Oh Halloween, it's such a crazy day. At least it is when you work at a Daycare. I can't tell you how many times I thought to myself "Thank you JESUS, Halloween is on a Friday!". Kids are just insane and then they are just grumpy and tired the next day. But with all the insaneness, I was pretty excited to celebrate Halloween this year with the Boys. Last year they were too tiny to do anything for Halloween and I didn't really want to spend money on a costume that they would just wear so that I could get a picture, so instead I just bought them Halloween shirts and they still looked adorable. But this year was a different story. This year the Boys dressed up as Minions from the movie Despicable Me. They LOOOOVE that movie and any time the Minions come on they just smile and laugh at them, so I figured that would be the best twin costume for them - I've got to take advantage of the "twin Halloween costumes" while I can, because sooner or later I won't be able to. My Mom also made them the cutest hats to go along with their costumes and I think the hats are what make the costume perfect! And to my surprise, the Boys love to wear them!

We didn't really do much though. We took them to a friend's house so that they could see the Boys' and they got some applesauce instead of candy, which is awesome! And then we stopped by to visit Aunt Patti and Uncle Shawn. It was just the low key kind of Halloween night I was happy with, after the insane day we had at work. And I think it was just enough for the Boys as well, because by the end of it they were so exhausted from the day too. However, I know my busy Halloween nights are coming.

Last Year's Halloween
They weren't the happiest about getting their costumes on.


Minion William

Minion Walker


Walker with Ava and Cooper
My Little Minions
And Walker already trying to tear into some applesauce

Happy Halloween!!!
Oh ... And Sunday night, Walker started walking!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Grocery Shopping

Every time we take the Boys to the Grocery Store, they tend to get quite a bit of attention. I mean, come on look at 'em! They're stinkin cute! But it truly is surprising to me how many people are in aw over Twins. I feel like before I had twins of my own, I wasn't like that. Maybe because I have twins in my family, I have always seen it as a "normal" (because it is) thing. But so many people always find the need to stop us and talk to me or the Boys. Asking questions about their age, if they're a handful, making some sort of comment of how I have my hands full. Well, yesterday morning I took the Boys to HEB with me (they're surprisingly really well behaved when I take them. Maybe because there's so much to look at?), and of course it was the same as always with people stopping us to talk and ask questions. One lady even asked if they were 6 months old ... Huh??? - do you see the size of Walker? But the cutest little boy, that I'm guessing was about 3 years old stopped us and asked if he could pet them. Oh my goodness! I thought that was just the funniest thing. His Mom informed him that no, he could not pet them because they were not animals but that he could wave and tell them hi. Cracked me up! A little bit later as we were walking, William started poking Walker in the eye and they both started giggling. It was so sweet, because I was really worried Walker was going to start screeming at him. But they both just kept on laughing. People probably thought I was an obsessive Mom because I stopped in the aisle to take pictures of them. Oh well. I can't helps it, they're just too stinkin cute not to!