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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Date Night After 8 Years Together ...

It blows my mind, that Matt and I have been together for 8 years now and I still love him more than ever ... I know it sounds "corny" and "cheesy", but I love Matt more and more everyday. However, we don't get out much (at least not on our own). I have been dropping hints FOR WEEKS to take me out. Saying things like "I would like to go out one night, just the two of us" or "we need some time to ourselves". But with men ... Sometimes you just have to be straight forward with them, and it got to the point to where I eventually had to say, "look! ... I want to go on a date with you! So we need to plan something this weekend! Take me out!!!" and I guess that worked. The next day, I got the sweetest text from Matt that said "will you go out on a date with me Saturday night?". Of course I couldn't turn him down!

I honestly feel like I was most excited about going out to eat alone with my husband, just the two of us and not worrying if any little people were eating their dinner. It's the little things ...

Aunt Patti and Uncle Shawn came over Saturday evening and Matt and I were off. We started the night off by going bowling. I am an AWFUL bowler, but I still think it's fun. I honestly never break over 100 points. We played 3 games and I got over 100 points every time! I guess all those times we played Wii bowling with Alisha and Denny, really paid off ;) HA!

After bowling we went to go eat at Roadhouse. It was delicious, and like I said, it was just nice to sit and have dinner with my Husband, just the two of us. We also watched a little Aggie Football while we ate too.

And Let me tell you ... We sure know how to live it up! After dinner we went to Lowes and HEB! Do we sound lame or what? I'm guessing we ate too much at dinner. Our belly's were full and we were just ready to be back home. The Boys were in bed, so we figured if we were at home, we would still be at home spending time together (and we wouldn't have to spend any more money). I honestly wouldn't have spent our date night any other way.

What married people do on dates ...
They run errands!

We were so thankful for Patti and Shawn, letting us have a night out and we can't wait to repay the favor in the future! I know Walker and William had a blast with the two of you. They always do!

One of our first pictures together
& one of my favorites.

Thank you, Sweetie for always making me feel special.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Family Pictures

At the end of September, we had family pictures taken with my side of the family. It was a Mother's Day/Birthday gift to my mom, and she picked the fall for the best time to take the pictures (which I think was perfect). It wasn't too hot, and of course we are in Texas so it definitely wasn't too cold. The pictures were taken from a friend of my sister, Racheal's, named Adrian Gutierrez he did such a great job! Thank you, Adrian.

Everybody's pictures turned out great. However, you will notice in our family pictures, the Boys were moving around quite a bit ... They weren't too into it. But I still love them!

Check them out ...


The Barone Family

I love this man!

The Hobson Family

The Benitez Family

Nonie & Pawpaw


We did not have a successful picture with all the Grandkids.

After pictures, we had some much needed family time! It was so great to all be together! I love you all!
"Honor your father and your mother, as the Lord your God has commanded you, so that you may live long and that it may go well with you in the land the Lord your God is giving you."

Deuteronomy 5:16


Thursday, November 5, 2015


Halloween 2015 was a good one! Not to mention, the Aggies BTHO South Carolina! WHOOP!

This year, thanks to the good Lord from above, Halloween was on a Saturday. I am also grateful for this due to the fact that I work at a Daycare, we don't have to deal with the kids being crazy and excited the day of AND we don't have to deal with them all being cranky the next day. However, next year will be a different story ...

Anyways, like I said, Halloween was great! We were fortunate to spend this year's Halloween with my sister, her husband and their three kids (had to take advantage of Halloween on a Saturday). Everybody looked so great in their Costumes! - Not to mention, my Mom (their Nonie), made all the costumes (except for Stephen's). They all looked so great! My Mom is pretty talented, y'all.

Yellow Puppy, Soldier, Butterfly

Woody & Buzz Lightyear
Now in the past my Children have been NUTORIOUS for getting sick at the most inconvenient times, and Halloween was no exception. Four days before Halloween, William started running a fever. However, luckily (I guess?) it was just a fever virus and nothing else. We just had to let it run it's course. And fortunately, the morning of Halloween, William woke up and no longer had a fever.
We had a lot of fun during the day, just hanging out and watching some Aggie football. Then ... It was TIME! Time for the kids to put on their costumes! Alisha painted her kids' faces, and Taytum's face turned out awesome! Her kids really could not wait to put on their costumes. My boys ... Not so much. While we were getting them dressed, they were not happy with us. At all! It made them feel a little better though when they were able to go outside. For William though, that didn't last long. He was not happy pretty much the entire time we were trick or treating. Walker though, did great! It was so cute to watch him walk up to the houses with his big cousins to get his candy.

One of my favorite things that happened while we were trick or treating was when we walked up to one of the houses and a lady came to the door. When she greeted us and began to hand the kids some candy, you could see the bowl of candy that she had. When she was about to hand Stephen his piece of candy he said "oh, Reese's are my favorite!" HAHA! I laughed so hard and the lady was so sweet, she gave him Reese's instead of the other candy she was about to put in his bag. Hey, the kid knows what he likes, right?

I loved Emi's costume! The Girl is OBSESSED with the color yellow and puppies, and had the best idea to put the two together. She was so cute to watch while walking from house to house. She was doing the best she could to shake her little tail. When Alisha asked her why she was walking funny she told her "I just waggin my tail".

Not a happy Woody ...

Earlier in the week, Matt was really wanting to carve a pumpkin with the boys. But ... It didn't go quite as well as he had planned. Walker and William wanted NOTHING to do with it. Matt set up everything in the Garage so we could all carve a pumpkin together, and the Boys were acting as if there was no pumpkin to carve. All they were interested in were the utensils we brought out (except the knives) and then proceeded to run around in the garage while Daddy did all the work. I thought it was pretty cute!
Cracks me up at the end of the video when Matt says, "you guys are a great help".
Maybe next year, Dad ...
However, we went a couple of weeks prior to that to pick out a pumpkin, and they both really enjoyed that!

 Walker become obsessed with his little "pumpkin" we bought.

Happy Halloween!
Love, The Barone Family