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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Proud Best Friend

My Beautiful Best Friend's Wedding was featured in story board weddings online. It's a short and sweet little article but the few pictures featured on the website are amazing. It was such a beautiful Wedding.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Weekend at Nonie & Pawpaw's

Last Friday was my Dad's (Pawpaw) Birthday, so we packed up and headed to their house for the Weekend for his Birthday. Friday night we met my Parents in Bastrop at my Dad's favorite restaurant, Guadalajara's. My parents go there just about every Friday night and it is the funniest thing, walking in and seeing all the people who know them, that work at the restaurant. Then my Parents will ask for the same waiter every time, so of course the waiter knows them really well too, and he is the sweetest guy so he just makes your experience there that much better (I'm sure that's why my parents love it so much, not to mention that the food is pretty good too). My Mom was able to secretly tell the Waiter that it was my Dad's Birthday, so they sang him "Happy Birthday" and we got free sopapillas. MMM ....

Singing "Happy Birthday"
On Saturday we went and visited my Mimi and Gee. We hadn't seen them in a few months and so we wanted to catch up. We didn't do much, just sat and talked as we watched the Boys' play. I love that my Grandparents get to share that time with them. Not many Great Great Grandparents get to do that.
Walker & Mimi
Later, we went back to my Parents' house and watched the Aggies get the crap beat out of them by Alabama. That's okay though, we still love our Aggies! WHOOP! We had dinner and my Grandma & Grandpa got to come by for a little bit too (they live right next door to my Mom and Dad).
Sunday Morning we woke up with the prettiest Sunrise while drinking Coffee, I had to take a picture of it! 
Then my Sister, Alisha and the rest of her family came over to Nonie and Pawpaw's house and we all ate breakfast together. Breakfast was always a big deal to us growing up. No matter what, we always sat and ate breakfast together. Even on the Mornings that we had school. Not many people do that anymore and I hope that I can carry on that daily routine with the Boys too, but I don't see how my Parents did it. I guess we'll see ... Anyways, after breakfast Walker and William got to go see the chickens for the first time and ride in the Mule! Walker was pretty intrigued by the chickens and kept wanting me to put him down, but since they don't walk yet I didn't want to. William didn't know what to think about the chickens and when I did have him stand while I held onto him, he did not like it very much - That's okay Buddy, I don't really care for chickens either.  
Walker checking out the Chickens

William, being cautious with the Chickens
After feeding the Chicks, we went on a mule ride! I'm thinking the Mule ride is the best part of feeding the chickens for the Grandkids. I mean, I think it's pretty fun too!!! My Parents live on 35 acres so you've got a good area to ride around on. The boys enjoyed sitting on our laps and watching everything around us. I think it was pretty relaxing for them both because they almost fell asleep and then when we got back inside they both took a little cat nap.

So relaxing
I always love going back home. I can't wait for when Walker and William get a little bigger and can understand when I tell them, "we're going to Nonie and Pawpaw's this weekend!", because I know they'll be so excited!


The other night as I started the Boys' bath, I thought it would be fun to have them take a bubble bath. They LOOOVED it! In the beginning it was so cute to watch them just kind of stare at the bubbles. It was like they were thinking "what is this???" And then as we got them to touch the bubbles, that was when the Boys really started to enjoy it. The cutest thing was Walker laughing at the bubbles. I guess he finds them funny? And of course he tried to eat the bubbles a few times too. William really liked splashing them with his hands. I think he liked seeing that when he splashed the bubbles, he could see the clear water.