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The Barone Blog

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

MMM ... Frozen Yogurt

A few nights ago, we took Walker and William to get Frozen Yogurt. Walker, LOVED IT! William took a few bites and was done. I think he wasn't fond of it being so cold. So instead, he just sat there and entertained us while we enjoyed our yogurt. The pictures I took of Walker though, you can truly see the joy of deliciousness and excitement on his face.

"No, thank you."


He may have a brain freeze? ...

At home though, we both LOVE regular yogurt!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Papa Barone and Gram Visit from Seattle!

About a month ago, Matt's Dad and Step-mom came to visit us from Seattle for a weekend. We hadn't seen them since the boys were about 5 weeks old, so it was great to see them and hang out for a few days. They flew in on a Friday and left Sunday. We didn't have much planned for them to do, with it being such a short visit so we did a lot of just hanging around and catching up. It was a little cold and rainy all weekend, so that prevented us from doing a whole lot. The boys were still in the process of getting over their tummy bug, so I felt bad that they had to experience that during their visit as well.

On Friday night when Papa Barone and Gram got to our house, the Boys were just about to go to sleep so they got to see them for a few minutes before it was bed time. And then Papa got to put Walker to sleep, while giving him his bottle. 

Saturday Morning Papa and Gram came over for Breakfast. I made them a yummy Texas Breakfast of eggs and bacon with biscuits and gravy. Saturday was cold and rainy, so I decided to make Chili for everybody for dinner. That way it could cook all day, and I wouldn't really have to worry about making dinner (I love meals like that!). 

Eating Breakfast with Papa

Eatin' Chili
Matt's sister, Kristen along with her two kids, Lynleigh and Logan were planning on coming that weekend as well. They live close to Dallas and that whole week before, Dallas had some snow so we were worried they weren't going to be able to make the trip. But they were able to leave Saturday morning for a quick trip. I'm glad they did too, because I love when Walker and William get to play with their Cousins. Especially since we don't get to see them that often. While we waited for Kristen and the kids to make it to College Station, Matt, Papa and Gram went out for a bit to get some Texas A&M gear (WHOOP!), and drive around campus. When they got back, we all went out for lunch at Chicken Oil. We hadn't been there in a while and it was yummy! We enjoyed taking Gram and Papa some where local and different. After that, we came back home and let the Boys swing for a bit. And right at that time, Kristen and the kids showed up! The rest of the day we all just hung out and talked. It was nice to catch up. 

Lunch at Chicken Oil

The next morning, everybody came over again and I made breakfast (it's my favorite meal of the day). I almost wish I knew how to cook grits, and give them a real good southern breakfast meal. MMM ... Kristen and the Kids hung out for a little while longer and then it was time for them to head back home. Papa and Gram stayed for a little bit and then it was time for them to head to the airport. We were sad to see them go. Definitely wish we could see them more often. 

I adore Logan's smile in this picture.
He looks so excited to play with Walker.
This picture was taken shortly after they arrived. 

Lynleigh is so grown up now.
She's reading a book to Papa Barone.

Papa Barone playing with all the Grands.

We look forward to the next visit! 
We miss you all already.

Friday, March 6, 2015

The never ending tummy bug ...

We just got over a tummy bug that lasted over 2 weeks in our house! We never had to deal with throw up (thank the Good Lord), but just a lot of diarrhea (warning: there may be a lot of talk about poop in this post). I never thought it would end, and I have defiantly done my fair share of laundry during it all. I think I may have gone through half a bottle of laundry detergent.

It all started when we got back from Katy, the weekend we spent going to play Top Golf with Kenny and Kelcie. When we got back to the house Saturday afternoon, I noticed Walker was warm and was not eating his lunch (a very rare thing for him not to do), so I knew right then and there that he was not feeling well. Later that day, the diarrhea started and lasted the entire weekend. I ended up staying home from work on Monday as well. Tuesday, was my Birthday and it seemed like he was feeling better. No more fever and had not had a bowel movement since that Monday morning. So we headed to school. By lunch time, we had to head back home because of more diarrhea. I felt so bad for him. However, luckily it seemed like William was staying out of the clear of it all. Matt and I split the day staying home ,so that I could get a few hours in at work that Wednesday and then by Thursday, Walker seemed to be much better and was eating. - I was beginning to miss my big boy eating. However, Friday Matt had to come pick up the boys early because William started to not feel well. And by Friday night, it got bad for William. Poor guy :( .

That weekend, my Parents (Nonie and Pawpaw) were coming in to College Station for my Birthday and my Mom and I were going to go shopping. I felt so bad leaving William for a few hours with him not feel well. He also started running a fever, and I felt like he had the tummy bug worse than Walker did. But by that Monday Morning, he seemed to be doing much better and we went to school. We lasted until Wednesday, and I ended up having to take the boys home because Walker started to have diarrhea AGAIN! He still had an appetite, it was just that every time he ate, it would come right back out. I couldn't believe it. I didn't know what was going on? I started thinking, 'is it because William had such a worse case of it over the weekend, it made Walker have some sort of a relapse?' I had no clue??? The three of us stayed home on Thursday, once again. And during the whole day, Walker did not have a single bowel movement. I think the kid might have just wanted another day at home or something. Until ... William started having diarrhea AGAIN! And had it the ENTIRE weekend. I was at a lose and didn't know what to do. I felt so sorry for my babies. I just wanted them to feel better. I also felt like when William would get it, it would hit him harder than it did Walker. By Monday, I told myself 'enough is enough' and I called the doctor. The nurse told me that if diarrhea lasts longer than 14 days, to call and make an appointment to be seen. 14 days ... That just seems like such a long time to deal with diarrhea for a little person. We were at day 11 by that point with William and fortunately, we didn't make it to day 14. But between the two of them, we dealt with diarrhea for 17 days. The joys of having twins ...

I'm just glad my Boys are FINALLY feeling better and are back to acting themselves. It was a little difficult for them to get back in the swing of things with school/daycare since they missed so much. I'm sure they enjoyed being home with Mommy so much. And I sure enjoyed it too.


When Walker is sick,
 I've got to soak up all the cuddles I can get.

The only thing that made William happy
was snuggling with Mommy.