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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

15 Month Well Check Up

Walker and William turned 15 months on December 3rd. How are they 15 months??? They are getting so big. It's kind of sad. But they are getting to be so much fun - Well, they've always been fun, it's just a different kind of fun! I love it! Well, they had their 15 month check up on the 30th. Originally the appointment was on the 23rd, but we felt like that was just too much for the Boys with Christmas and everything going on. So I scheduled it for the 29th, then the Aggie Bowl Game got scheduled for that day as well and Matt basically told me that if I wanted his help at the Doctor's appointment, then it would probably be best if I changed their Doctor's appointment again. With that being said, I got it changed for the 30th.

The boys are growing well and getting big. They are still completely different sizes. Walker is in 2T clothes now and I feel like the moment I buy something new for him to wear, he grows out of it the next time I want him to wear it. William is wearing 18 month clothes, and basically wears all of Walker's hammy downs. The Doctor was pleased with the way they are growing and developing. She asked if they have been saying any words - Walker seems like he is trying to form words. He will say "uh-oh" and sometimes it seems like he is saying "wow!". It's super cute!!! William doesn't really form words just yet, besides just babbling, but he will blow kisses, and give high-fives anytime you ask. He's so sweet!

Walker's Stats:
Weight: 29lbs 8oz - 99th percentile
Height: 31.75 in - 59th percentile

William's Stats:
Weight: 23lbs 9oz - 57th percentile
Height: 31 in - 30th percentile
While she was checking William, she discovered that he had an early case of an ear infection. So we started him on an antibiotic. I'm glad she caught it early, before it got worse and he started running a fever.

We had to wait a while for the doctor to come into the room, so while we waited, I took a few pictures of the boys playing and waiting.


We head back for another check up in 3 months when they turn 18 months old.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Merry Christmas!

I have always loved Christmas. I enjoy the decorations, and going to look at Christmas lights. I embrace the spirit of it all. I just love it. And I've started to see that after having kids, that I am going to enjoy Christmas even more as Walker and William get older. They don't understand the concept of Christmas yet, but I look forward for when they do. Growing up, I always loved getting together with my family and playing with my Cousins and I can't wait to see the Boys experience that as well. It will be fun as they get older and we can start traditions with them during the season that they will enjoy. Christmas is a wonderful, yet busy time and I can't help but feel blessed during it all.

Last year's Christmas was a little hard. It was the Boy's first Christmas and I was looking forward to it. I was excited for my family members that had yet to meet Walker and William. It would be their first time meeting them, and that's always exciting. Unfortunately, after just being in Daycare for a week, they caught a tummy bug. Matt and I thought we would try and stick it out and stick with our Christmas plans. But when we arrived to my Parents' house, it got worse and we felt it was best if we headed back home before any of the family Christmases began. I was so sad. Before we left my parents house, all I could do was cry. Nothing was going as planned and sometimes, that is just reality. Especially with kids. If I hadn't learned that yet, I defiantly learned it that night. So Matt and I headed home with the boys and I continued to cry as I thought about how much I was missing my Family. But I have an amazing and loving husband and he tried everything in his power to make Walker and William's first Christmas a great one. And although, they were sick I was thankful to spend their first Christmas as their Mom and Dad.

Christmas 2013

This year, we had to encounter five Christmas gatherings. It sounds a little crazy, but as I get older I enjoy seeing and being with my family more then even now. I love when Walker and William get to spend time with their family.

Our First Christmas was with Nonie and Pawpaw (my Mom and Dad). Growing up, my Mom and Dad always seemed to pull off the best Christmases for my Sisters and I. I don't know how they did it, but I have so many childhood memories that revolve around Christmas morning; my sister Racheal coming in my room early in the morning to wake me up, caring me through the living room to our Parents' room, telling me not to peak at the gifts so that I wouldn't see what Santa brought me (even though she had already peaked for herself). Then having to wait what seemed like an eternity while our Mom and Dad set up the video camera. However, Christmas is a little different at my Parents' house now with little ones running around, yet it's still just as special. We headed to Nonie and Pawpaw's house the day before Christmas Eve so that we can carry on the tradition of waking up Christmas morning to presents (Christmas Eve Morning, is just as good). The Boys made out like bandits at Nonie and Pawpaw's for sure! They got bean bag chairs, Tonka trucks, and suit cases. Along with other toys and clothes. They both love sitting in their bean bag chairs, while watching movies. They also like to sit in their Tonka dump trucks as well.

Sitting in their bean bag chairs,
watching a Christmas Movie

Walker looks like he is ready to drive his Tonka Truck

William just wants to sit in his.
It's pretty cute! 

Christmas Eve Night we headed to Mimi and Gee's house. A tradition we have done since my oldest cousins were itty bitty. It is a tradition that I am unable to break. It's a little insane, but I love it! I am one of the youngest out of my cousins, so most of my cousins have kids too. At this years Christmas, there were 15 kids between the ages of 1 (the boys) and I'm guessing about 11 (I can't really keep track of that). It was a mad house once everyone was there and it was time to open presents. The Boys also started to get a little cranky when it was time to open presents. I think they were just tired from their day and ready for bed. But they stuck it out like champs until it was time to leave. After that, Matt and I drove home so that we could wake up Christmas Morning at home. It was late when we got home, but one of my favorite things that we did as kids, was before we left to head home from Mimi and Gee's house, all the Grandkids put on their pajamas so that when we got home we are able to jump right into bed so that Santa could stop by our house. We always loved showing off our pajamas to one another. And so of course, that's what the Boys did as well.
Christmas Eve at Mimi and Gee's
I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked.
But they looked super cute!

Merry Christmas Morning!
Christmas morning we woke up and lead the boys to the presents. I say "lead" because when they woke up they didn't want to go to the living room first. They wanted to eat breakfast. They aren't at the age to where they understand the concept of presents so it was mainly Matt and I opening the gifts for them, but once they saw what was in the bag, they were ready to play. We enjoyed the day so much. I didn't let that there were toys all over the living room bother me. It was fun! I think the Boys enjoyed playing with their new toys all day and staying in their pajamas (who doesn't enjoy a day like that?).


We spent the next day at home and then it was off to spend Christmas with Matt's side of the Family.
Christmas number 4 was spent with Papa's side of the family. This Christmas is even crazier then Mimi and Gee's and twice as many kids! It was great to see everybody and the food was yummy! And probably one of my favorite things about it is that I get to see my Sister Alisha and her family there too. I get to spend one extra Christmas with them, which I love! We do the Chinese Gift Exchange during this Christmas, and I love it! Everybody brings such great gifts and it ends up getting pretty competitive!
On the road to another Christmas ...

Then last, but not least it was time to wrap up our Christmas festivities at Matt's Parents house. There wasn't much going on because Kristen, Matt's sister's kids were sick so we were unable to spend the Holiday with her so Walker and William got to have Nana and Papa all to themselves. The Boys' got car seats for Christmas from Nana and Papa for Daddy's truck. Exciting stuff! At least, I think it's pretty exciting because now Matt and I don't have to switch cars all the time and we will all be able to ride in Daddy's truck together instead of always having to take mine. We spent a few extra days with Nana and Papa and it was so nice. I think Matt really enjoyed getting to watch the Texans and Aggie game with his Dad instead of by himself while I do other things around the house.
Playing in a ball pit in Nana & Papa's living room!
How cool!

Daddy liked it too!

Walker, hanging with Papa

We headed home Monday evening after the A&M game, and at home is where we are staying for the remainder of the Christmas break. I don't think we could have asked for a better Christmas!
The Boys also got a bouncy house for Christmas from Papa Barone and Gram in Washington. I know the Boys are going to have a BLAST with that in a few months! It will be fun to share those pictures!
We hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

The Barones


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Silence ... May Not Always Be a Good Thing

So while we were home for the Thanksgiving Break, I may have learned that when the boys are QUIETLY playing in their playroom and bedroom by themselves, may not always be a good thing. The first day I found this out, I was cleaning the house, thinking to myself "oh they are being so good and quiet, they're so awesome!" And then, I walk around the corner to this ...


Naughty Boys! When I saw them, I walked in their room and started telling them "NO! NO!" After that, William just broke down crying. You could just see that his little heart was just broken because I had gotten on to him. But Walker, it did not phase him one bit! Instead, he started helping me put the shirts back in the drawers. So I guess that's a good thing!
Then, a few day later the same thing happened. I turned the corner, and this is what I saw ...

Such a mess! I told them "NO! NO!" again. And again, William was so upset when I got on to him, but Walker did not care. And this time, he didn't even help me clean up the mess! I had to do it all by myself.

Needless to say ... They're bedroom door stays shut now, so that they can only play in their playroom.

They are starting to get into everything as I would expect them to be doing during this "toddler stage". But honestly, I think it could be a lot worse. I had a feeling that with the Christmas tree up right now, that it was going to be really difficult getting them not to mess with it but they've been doing really well. Every so often we'll see them staring at the tree and you can just see it in their eyes that they want to touch it. When we see them finally go to try and touch the tree, we just tell them "NO!" and they'll either just touch it real fast, or they'll just put their finger down and smile. It's pretty cute.


Thursday, December 4, 2014


I love Thanksgiving! I love getting together with family and now with having the boys, I enjoy when our family gets to see the boys and meet them for the first time (for those who haven't met them yet). I know each year will become more and more fun with them as they get older.

Every year we go to Matt's Grandparent's house to celebrate Thanksgiving. We don't get to see that side of the family often so it's nice to see everybody at least once a year. It's a busy day since we just make a day trip to Georgetown and then head back home, but the Boys did really great in the car. We also had Aunt Patti and Uncle Shawn ride with us as well, and I think that made the ride better.  

It's so crazy what a difference a year makes though. I remember last year being so stressed out about the Boys feeding schedules while being away from home and having to pack SO MUCH stuff for just a day trip. But this year, wasn't like that. Just have to pack a few things and we're good to go!

Last Year's Thanksgiving
Matt kept laughing at William.
He was being silly.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Love, The Barone Family

Reveille Comes to School!

A few weeks ago, we had a special visitor come to our school. Texas A&M's mascot, Miss Reveille came to visit all the kids. One of the Girls that works for us at the Daycare, came in to the office one afternoon and told us that she was friends with Reveille's Handler and that he was wanting to bring Reveille to our school one day for all the kids to meet her - and he is the famous Cadet that also saved Reveille during the football game from getting ran over by a football player, so it was cool to meet him too! It was such a cool experience, just for the adults that I know the kids at school really had a good time too. She is seriously the SOFTEST dog I have every touched. I was surprised though that the Boys did not take a liking towards her. Penny, our dog is much bigger, and any other dog they come around they seem to like but with Reveille they weren't sure how to act. Maybe because there was just so much going on. I think they seemed to like Ryan's (Reveille's Handler) uniform more than anything, because they just kept staring at him. I was able to get a few pictures of the Boys with Reveille though, and some with all three of us.

Checking Ryan out

I think William was wanting to play fetch with Reveille

Gig 'em Ags!