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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Lets Catch Up!

Well, it's been a few months since I have updated the blog, but I assume a full time working Momma with a Husband and twin boys, that's bound to happen. But I am happy to report that we are all doing well! Walker and William are talking more and more by the day. It has been a blessing to witness. The other day I was in tears while I was saying good night to the boys and laying in bed with Walker. He kept pointing to me saying "Mom-me" and then pointing to himself, saying "Wa-Wa" (Walker). He's been saying "Mommy" for a few weeks now, but something about hearing it the other night just really made me emotional and happy. It's small things like hearing your child say "Mommy" on repeat that you take for granted. Both of my Boys also tell us "I love you", and it is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.



This year for Halloween, William went as Charlie Brown and Walker was Linus. It was the first year, that they actually got into it and it was just fun for Matt and I to witness it. First we went to the Mall to trick or treat and then hit up a few houses around the neighborhood. After that, we headed back home and the boys looked to see what goodies they had!


... We honestly haven't given the boys much candy or sweet treats until recently, and William is the only one who ever wants it. The only sweet things that Walker will eat are a rice crispy treat and fruit snacks. Everything else, he will turn his nose up to (all in due time).
The previous weekend before that, was the first time William had a sucker. We went with my Niece, Taytum to get her ears pierced and when she got a sucker for being such a trooper through it all, so did all the kids who went (Walker didn't tag a long with us during this adventure). When William got his sucker, it took him a while to actually put it in his mouth, but when he finally did, he was in love!

So on Halloween night, when William saw a few suckers in his bag, he new just what to do! And believe it or not, Walker followed suit!

We headed to Georgetown to spend the day with Matt's family as we do every year. It's really the only time we see this side of the family, so it's always nice to see everybody and catch up. Walker and William had a lot of fun because there is a ton of room to run around and play!
When we left, we headed to Killeen to spend the rest of the long weekend with my Sister and her family. We had BIG plans that weekend, and I'm not talking about Black Friday Shopping either. We had plans to watch the new Gilmore Girl's revival on Netflix. We were so excited! Gilmore Girls is kind of a big deal to us - When my Sister Alisha and her Husband brought my Nephew Stephen home, they still lived in the same town as us. While Alisha was on maternity leave, she started recording the reruns of Gilmore Girls that came on ABC Family. When Matt and I would go over to their house (which was basically every day), my sister would always be watching Gilmore Girls. We were all immediately hooked! Even the guys - and don't let them tell you any different either. They love Gilmore Girls! ... So long story short, when Netflix revealed that they were coming out with a Gilmore Girls revival, we made sure that we were going to watch it together. I'd say it was a pretty good Thanksgiving break! Not to mention, the boys had a blast playing with their cousins!
At this moment, it is only 3 days past Christmas, but dang it feels like it just came and went. It makes me sad, because this Christmas season was so much fun! The Boys really got into it this year! They LOVED putting up the Christmas tree. They even helped with the ornaments this year too (the non breakable ones, of course)!

We started Elf on the Shelf this year, and named our elf, "Waldo" - You know, "Where's Waldo?" Luckily, this year I didn't have to get to creative with Waldo. Or honestly have him moved every night (next year will be a different story, I am sure), but William really enjoyed waking up most mornings and saying "where Waldo go? ... Waldo, where are you???" or when he would finally realize Waldo was somewhere else, he would get so excited and say "OH! WALDO!!!" - Since Christmas is over and Waldo has gone "back to the North Pole", he has asked about him a few times. Walker, really could have cared less about Waldo, but that is just their individual personalities shining through.
We spent most of the time leading up to the Christmas watching every Christmas movie you could imagine and making pallets on the floor while we watched them. Walker and William really enjoyed doing that. They still loved looking at the lights this year as well.
On "Christmas Eve Eve", we headed to my parents  house and had Christmas with them Christmas Eve morning. The boys got a lot of good stuff and received their first tablet as well. After opening presents the cousins played with their new toys, and decorated cookies for Santa. We had a blast!
Later in the day we headed to my Mimi and Gee's house for a short visit with family before heading home. On our way home, the true "magical" adventure began ... On our way home, we discovered William had some sort of stomach bug (after we smelt it of course). Matt pulled over, I got William out and discovered that he did have an upset stomach. When we got him out, Matt put the tailgate down and we proceeded to strip him down and wipe him up (all in the dark I might add while Matt used his phone as a flashlight). We got him cleaned up the best we could, and covered his seat with blankets that we had on hand. We gave him his tablet after this to help him calm down, and it did ... until it DIED about 5 minutes after. needless to say, it was a stressful Christmas Eve getting back home. 
On Christmas morning, William still wasn't feeling well, but it didn't keep him from opening presents and finding what other new things he got! Walker and William were both super happy that Santa brought them Buzz and Woody dolls from Toy Story.
The rest of the day, we just laid around in PJs and relaxed. It was a great Christmas!
The next day we had Christmas at our house with Matt's family. It was a lot of fun hosting a Christmas for family! We ate, opened presents and played a lot of board games, and later that night we went to the park to look at Christmas lights. We couldn't have asked for a better day!
... Now it's 3 days after Christmas and I'm back at work (boo!).  
We hope you all have had an enjoyable a safe Holiday Season!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Love, the Barone Family

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